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Herb Grinders

Herb Grinders are the new requirement for every modern smoker!
If you have never used a grinder with our herbal buds, smokes or solids you are missing out.
Takes the work out of smoking. Our grinders are all top quality.

We not only sell them... we use them!
Great for all herbal buds and solids.
Sold for use with our legal herbal products only.

Wooden Herb Grinder

Herb Grinders - Deluxe Herb Grinders - Grinder - Herbal Grinder
Essential for breaking up all of our herbal buds and solids. Available in 2 Sizes. Regular and a Large Deluxe 5 inch Grinder.
Regular: $19.99
Large: $29.99


Mini 1" Herb Grinder
Aluminum Herb Grinder
The perfect small grinder.
great for traveling.
Price: $16.99

2 3/4" Herb Grinder

Metal Herb Grinder 2 inch

A great size grinder, very stylish and reliable. High quality construction.

Price $29.00

Pollen Press

pollen press
Great to sieve legal herbs.
Stainless steel.
Price: $29.99
Blue Green Purple
Silver Black

NEW! 2.25" Grinder
with Storage/Screen

Herb Grinder 2inch
8-ball design shown

4 piece grinder. Includes a storage compartment and pollen screen.
1 for $29.99 - 2 for $49.99

Dual Grinder/Scale Combo
can scales

can scale
Stealth Can Grinder/ Digital Scale
500x .1g OR 100x .01g

BIG Spice GRINDER with Collection Tray
Open top for remove fold up scale.

500g x 0.1g 
SALE $57.95


100g x 0.01 g
SALE $62.95



Electric Herb Grinder

electric herb grinder
Serious smokers only!
Grinds a large amount of herb
all at once. Great for solids too!

Price: $24.99

SweetLeaf Metal Herb Grinder

sweetleaf metal herb grinder
The Sweetleaf Grinder is a premium hand operated herb grinder. Available in 2 sizes.
Regular: $24.00
Large: $34.99


2" Metal Grinder

Herb Grinder 2inch
Grinds all of our premium herbs. High quality construction. Available with or without storage compartment.
$24.99 or $29
.99 w/storage


legal and safe buds and blends
18 to order

Dutch Russian Greek Chinese Korean Japanese Spanish Italiano Portuguese German French English

no synthetics
We are proud to offer the WORLD'S BEST Legal Buds including: Exotic Hawaiian Haze Buds, Dutch Green Buds, Blueberry Herbal Hybrid Bud, Potent Imported Solid Herbal Concentrates & our highly preferred legal bud & herbal smoke combo packs of herbal buds and blends enjoyed by tens of thousands of trusted repeat customers. Our products really work, are 100% legal and all natural, do not effect drug tests and will leave you extremely satisfied. 

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