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The 22" Double Hose Hookah

hookah double
The Double Hose Hookah Pipe is a masterpiece - plain and simple.  Smoke your herbal shisha or legal herbs / tobacco together for the ultimate hookah smoking experience.

If you are a fan of intimate smoking occasions or are simply looking to comfortably accommodate group smoking, the Double Hose Hookah is where it's at. Two long hoses protrude from a durable, solid metal base, making it easier to smoke together and more fun for everyone. In short, the Double Hookah Hose keeps things going.

Colors vary depending on stock.

Regular Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $88.99
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Add Herbal Shisha to your order!
Add $21.99 for almost 2 ounces.( 50g)
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hookah bagHookah Bag

Protect your investment with the ULTIMATE HOOKAH BAG!  Padded and ready to go, pack up your hookah and take it anywhere, safely!

Our hookah bag is the ideal unit for carrying all of your hookah accessories. The Legal hookah bag is an attractive hookah bag designed with four external compartments for easy storage and access to all your hookah accessories. Get one now so you can smoke later! Available in Red/Black Only.

Regular Price: $39.99
Sale Price: $29.99
on sale now

Notice: All pipes sold on this website are intended for legal herbal smoke, or tobacco use.  You must be 18 to purchase, and therefore can ONLY purchase smoking devices online, with a credit card (no mail orders for pipes)  We only ship hookahs to USA customers.  We do not ship hookahs to IOWA, PENNSYLVANIA or ILLINOIS.

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We are proud to offer the WORLD'S BEST Legal Buds including: Exotic Hawaiian Haze Buds, Dutch Green Buds, Blueberry Herbal Hybrid Bud, Potent Imported Solid Herbal Concentrates & our highly preferred legal bud & herbal smoke combo packs of herbal buds and blends enjoyed by tens of thousands of trusted repeat customers. Our products really work, are 100% legal and all natural, do not effect drug tests and will leave you extremely satisfied. 

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