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Legal Legal Bud Specials

Indulge yourself in a variety of amazing legal bud combination packs for the ultimate smoking experience!  Save money with combination package pricing while you enjoy our best herbal buds & smokes!

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Create Your Own Combo - From $79.95
Choose up to 12 different legal herbal smokes!

legal bud combos
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party sampler
Herbal Blend Sampler

Special Price! Only $39.99
Super Size It!: Only 59.99
weekend sampler
Weekend Sampler

Special Price! Only $57.99
Hybrid Smokes
Hybrid Smokes Combo

Special Price! Only $54.99
Super Size It!: Only 69.99
smokers dream
The Smokers Dream

Special Price! Only $69.99
legal bud sampler
Super Bud Sampler

Special Price! Only $59.99
island smoke combo
Island Smoke Combo
Special Price! Only $69.99
hawaiian buds combo
Hawaiian Island Buds
Special Price! Only $69.99
Super Size It!: Only 99.99
solid herbal concentrate
Herbal Solids Sampler

Special Price! Only $69.99
Super Size Only $129.99
super smoker
Super Smoker Combo

Special Price! Only $89.99
triple play
Triple Play Combo

Special Price! Only $84.99
jamaican bud hybrid Dutch Green Hydroponic Bud combo
Endless Summer ComboSpecial Price! $77.99
Super Size It!: Only 119.99
Hawaiian Haze Buds
All Star Legal Bud Combo

Special Price! Only $104.99
Super Size It!: Only 169.99
Free Shipping on Supersize!
quarter pounder
Quarter Pounder Combo

Special Price! $129.99
herbal smoke out combo
Herbal Smoke Out Combo

Special Price!: Only $99.99
Super Size It!: Only 149.99
Free Shipping on Supersize!
up in smoke
Ultra Buds Sampler

Special Combo Price!
Only $119.99
herbal smoke combo
Herbal Smoke Combo
Special Price! Only $69.99
Super Size It!: Only 109.99
customer favorites
Customer Favorites

Special Price!
Only $49.99
BLISS herbal hybrid
BLISS, Herbal Hybrid &
Bluedream Kush
Special Price! Only $84.99


rolling papers combo
Rolling Papers Combo
andom selection of 10 packs
ONLY $22.50
Special Combo Price!



legal and safe buds and blends
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no synthetics
We are proud to offer the WORLD'S BEST Legal Buds including: Exotic Hawaiian Haze Buds, Dutch Green Buds, Blueberry Herbal Hybrid Bud, Potent Imported Solid Herbal Concentrates & our highly preferred legal bud & herbal smoke combo packs of herbal buds and blends enjoyed by tens of thousands of trusted repeat customers. Our products really work, are 100% legal and all natural, do not effect drug tests and will leave you extremely satisfied. 

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