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Chocolate Smoking Oil

Chocolate Smoking Oil

Delicious and very hard to obtain! 
limited quantities available.
This 50:1 concentrate is thick and sticky, put just a couple drops on top of your favorite herbal blend. No artificial preservatives or fillers.

California Poppy, Cheshteya bud Mentha Piperita, Myristica fragrans Yellow Thorn, Theobroma cacao

1 Ounce
Price: $34.99


Legal combos
1/2 Ounce
Price: $24.99


Legal combos

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no synthetics
We are proud to offer the WORLD'S BEST Legal Buds including: Exotic Hawaiian Haze Buds, Dutch Green Buds, Blueberry Herbal Hybrid Bud, Potent Imported Solid Herbal Concentrates & our highly preferred legal bud & herbal smoke combo packs of herbal buds and blends enjoyed by tens of thousands of trusted repeat customers. Our products really work, are 100% legal and all natural, do not effect drug tests and will leave you extremely satisfied. 

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