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Emerald Green Solid

SOLID emerald green herbal concentrate

Emerald Green Solid Concentrate - a potent, powerful, bright green colored solid smoke composed of a variety of potent amazonian herbs and resins world reknown for their extremely satisfying qualities and relaxing smoke.  This smoke has a very uplifting quality and will impress you to say the least.  Emerald green is enjoyed by many repeat customers each day, and is one of our top herbal solid smokes. 

Herb Grinders are HIGHLY recommended to grind up all solid concentrated smokes

Please smoke responsibly. You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase.
1/2 Ounce

Legal combos
1 Ounce Brick

Legal combos
1/4 Pound Brick
(4 Ounces)


Legal combos
1/2 Pound Brick
(8 Ounces)


Legal combos
1 Pound Brick
(16 Ounces)


Legal combos
Notice: By fda law, we can not label this product as Herbal Hash, a Hash Alternative, or Herbal Hashish. These products are not Hash. They are legal herbal solid concentrates and all possess a strong great tasting smoke!

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no synthetics
We are proud to offer the WORLD'S BEST Legal Buds including: Exotic Hawaiian Haze Buds, Dutch Green Buds, Blueberry Herbal Hybrid Bud, Potent Imported Solid Herbal Concentrates & our highly preferred legal bud & herbal smoke combo packs of herbal buds and blends enjoyed by tens of thousands of trusted repeat customers. Our products really work, are 100% legal and all natural, do not effect drug tests and will leave you extremely satisfied. 

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